Tanisha Kohli
Tanisha Kohli
11 June 2024
2 min read

Get Ready for $ZKX listing

ZKX Listing Plan

Key Events leading up to the ZKX listing on the 19th

• Token Generated Event (TGE), Airdrop 2 and Staking: Set for June 19th.
• $ZKX will be listed on Gate.io and KuCoin and Bitget on June 19th 🚀🚀

• Gate.io : Startup Mining: Starting at 8am UTC, June 12th.
• Kucoin: BurningDrop: Starting 9am UTC, June 13th.

Introducing $ZKX


$ZKX is more than just a token; it’s designed to reward the value created by our contributors, community members, and users.

From early adopters to active traders and contributors, every member has been instrumental in making ZKX one of the largest communities on Starknet and in the Layer 2 ecosystem.

Now, it's your turn to share in ZKX's success as we continue our mission to make perpetual swaps social, fun, and ultimately accessible to everyone.

ZKX Tokenomics

Total Token Supply Circulation: The total supply of $ZKX is

Primary Purpose of Token

  1. The $ZKX token serves as the platform's governance token, empowering the community to share the future of the protocol.

  2. Staking $ZKX will enable the user to earn the protocol's earnings in USDC while providing long-term benefits for the community.

At launch, 33% of the $ZKX supply will be unlocked from the Trading Incentives and Community Airdrops.

$ZKX will be listed on Gate.io & KuCoin on June 19th.

This will be followed by Airdrop 2 to reward our most active users. To ensure healthy tokenomics, we’re introducing a staking mechanism that shares protocol revenue with $ZKX stakers, incentivizing token holders to lock supply out of the market.

Stay tuned for the next 7 days, and we will share updates with you on all the events leading up to our TGE on the 19th.