Shambhavi Dubey
Shambhavi Dubey
10 May 2024
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ZKX Monthly Update - April 2024

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Gm everyone ☀️

We aped into April with some exciting updates from new campaigns to new features and much more. 

And it’s that time of the month when we slide into your emails with our monthly update to help you take a quick recap on what all went down last month ✊

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ZKX Token Listing: The Dad of all Announcements

The A in April definitely stood for Alpha and we didn’t hold back to spill it for our community. You asked wen TLE, and we answered 06.06.24 so mark your calendars & get ready. 

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If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also revealed the Airdrop 2.0 Criteria, our Narrative, May - June Roadmap, Tokenomics Update & much more (When we say the dad of all announcements, we mean it). Dive into the full announcement here.

Big Things Happening at ZKX

 1. DeFi Spring sprung hard on ZKX 

The wait finally came to an end and Phase 3 of Starknet DeFi Spring went live on OG & Pro Trade.

So what does that mean? Earn Dual Token Rewards

You get to earn JUICY $STRK rewards and $ZKX at the same time. (The APY on the STRK rewards is 70%)

Top traders made rewards as high as 1900 $STRK in a week in the last cycle. The new cycle for DeFi Spring began on 3rd May.

You know what to do 😉

2. zUSDC - USDC pool went live on Nostra

First off, what’s zUSDC? It’s the main collateral of ZKX, backed 1:1 with L1 USDC through Starkway bridge.

You can seamlessly deposit into the zUSDC - USDC (Starkgate) pool, and earn those rewards you’ve been dreaming about 💰

Check out the announcement here 👇

3. Listed our top 3 collections on Pyramid

Yup, you read that right! We listed our Top 3 NFT collections on Pyramid ⤵️

  1. ZKX Yakuza 
  2. Clans 
  3. OG Trade Badges

Trade them for the first time ever or buy & hodl to be eligible for future Airdrops!


Our number game has been stronger than ever. But it only makes us wanna hustle even harder, and deliver some kick-ass features for our community. 

Started from bottom, now we here 👇


Features Updates

The devs chugged 18312121 energy drinks, and we shipped some kick-ass features.

Let’s take a look at em’ 👇

  1. NFT Transfer Feature went live on ZKX 

If you’re a heavy trader who joined the clan & collected PVL badges, you can now transfer them to your favourite Starknet wallet in a tap.

Frenly tip: Clan NFTs & Badges are two key criteria for Airdrop 2. So whatever you choose, choose wisely. 

2. Starknet DeFi Rewards Page went Live 

The first cycle of DeFi Spring Phase 3 ended and it was time for the traders to claim the $STRK 💸

That being said, we pushed the Reward Page on main network and traders claimed some serious $STRK rewards in just a week. 

3. Multi Language Support went live on ZKX

Trading only in one language is so last szn. At ZKX, we want to empower everyone to trade in their preferred language regardless of where they are. 

That being said, we’ve translated our trading page in 11 different languages. Which ones? Check it out here 👇


4. Multi Account came to life on Pro Trade

Why have only one account on Pro when you can have two…. Or more!

Yup, you can now create multiple margin accounts to enhance risk management and increase the flexibility of your portfolio.

Wanna know more? You know what to do!

Events & AMAs

1. Shard Summit by ShardDubai

Our COO, Olitsar kicked off Token 2049 Day 01 by joining a panel at the Shard Summit and sharing his interesting insights on how the future of Web2.5 shapes that of Web3.

Everyone can make a narrative, olitsar is the one who challenges it!

2. Telegram AMA with PejuangCryptoID

It’s always hustle o clock at ZKX so right after we wrapped up the events, we started preparing for epic AMAs.

Eduard joined PejuangCryptoID, the leading crypto community of Indonesia & answered some interesting questions about OG Trade, why did we take the gamification route, clans Pro Trade, the rewards, leaderboard and much more.

3. Podcast with @orbis86_x

Kohldtakes waved her marketing wand and spilled all the beans on how she entered web3 marketing, the goods and bads of PR & Marketing in web3.

Was there any ZKX talks? Why don’t you check out the tl:dr & tell us 😉


April’s shoutout is dedicated to @Cointelegraph for this detailed article on how the DeFi bull market has surprised the community with Real World Asset & recursive airdrops.

The article shares some interesting insights from the ecosystem's OGs and their prediction on the future of DeFi in 2024.

And of course, Eduard had his own take to share with the community 👇

“We spent years talking about crypto going to the real world, and actually, the real world came into crypto”

Curious to read more? We’ve got just the thing for you here.

Vibes on our Discord 😎


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Meme of the Month 🥁

What’s Coming Up?


• New Market Listing every week
• Referral Program
• ZKX x Galxe Campaign 
• LBP on Fjord 


• Token Listing Event on 06.06.24
• Airdrop 2.0 

Until next time 🫡

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