Tanisha Kohli
Tanisha Kohli
18 March 2024
2 min read

ZKX Monthly Update - February 2024 ⚡️


Hey everyone,

We're bringing back our monthly updates to ensure you're up to speed with all the key highlights from the past month. Get ready for a regular dose of exciting news from ZKX. With February and mid-March being jam-packed with action, let's jump straight into the juiciest bits:

OG Trade

We kicked off the month with a bang by launching OG Trade, our very first exchange. OG Trade brings a whole new level of excitement to the table with gamified perpetual exchange, 30 minute competitions, clans and rewards on steroids.

Pro Trade

But we didn't stop there. Responding to popular demand, we fast-tracked the release of Pro Trade, an advanced trading terminal that's sure to satisfy all seasoned traders out there.

Numbers 🥸

With the launch of both Pro and OG Trade, we've seen some impressive numbers rolling in. Check out the stats below to see for yourself 👇


Feature Updates

We've been hard at work shipping out some exciting new features in Feb and March; we introduced:

1. Leaderboard History: Now, traders can easily view their full deposit and withdrawal history right from their profile section here.

2. Cross-Platform and Withdrawl Recovery: We've made it easier than ever to recover withdrawals across different platforms.

3. Listed STRK: We've listed STRK on both Pro and OG trade platforms, offering 10x leverage 🐺

4. Paymaster Launch: Say goodbye to ETH gas fees! With Paymaster, you can now onboard USDC directly to ZKX. The UI allows you to deposit directly to your trading accounts on ZKX, saving you gas fees. We're proud to be the first project in the Starknet ecosystem to support Paymaster 🔥

5. Public APIs live: Our public APIs are now live, giving you the ability to access market data and seamlessly plug in your strategy.

6. Ticker Tape: Now tracks the traders & their positions in real-time in a seamless way.


Big props to DeWhales for their brilliant article on what appchains are, the pros and cons of such solutions, and how ZKX optimizes the appchain and integrates it with gamification.

Fun Feedback <> Good vibes on our Discord 😎



Meme of the Month 🥁

🚨We are hiring 🚨

Are you passionate about growth? We're on the lookout for a Growth Associate to join our team. Send us a DM on Twitter if you think you'd be a good fit!

What’s Coming Up?

In March:

• Upgrade on ZKX Mainnet Incentives for both OG and Pro Trade.

• Expect an upgrade on Wallet Connect Integration, allowing deposits from various wallets.

• Introduce Starkgate USDC as collateral.

• Get ready for DeFi Spring with STRK rewards slated for the end of March. We are the only perp protocol participating in the campaign, so keep an eye out!

In April:

• The Referral Program will be launched so users can permissionlessly refer other users and obtain USDC commissions. Stay tuned for more details 😉

And that’s all on the monthly update bosses. If you would like to know what’s going on with ZKX, just join our Discord. Join, contribute, trade and enjoy the decentralized world. Here is how you can follow our latest developments 👇

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