Shambhavi Dubey
Shambhavi Dubey
10 April 2024
3 min read

ZKX Monthly Update - March 2024 ⚡️


Gm everyone ☀️

We kicked off our summer by bringing back the monthly updates to keep you in the loop with all the major highlights.

Since you enjoyed reading it last time, we’re back with a fresh update for March and a special survey & Yakuza Baron NFT for all those who scroll till the end 😉

Let’s see what all did we cook last month:

ZKX Mainnet Incentive Upgrade

We started the month by unveiling detailed reward distributions for OG & Pro Trade, along with the introduction of Pro Trade's 24-hour Leaderboard. This upgrade aims to incentivize users across both platforms, making ZKX the go-to exchange for traders of all sizes.

Numbers 🥸

Nothing like some good number crunch to see where it all began & how is it going, innit? We have seen some impressive numbers in the past few months, helping us keep our building game on!

But don’t just take our word for it 👇

Features Updates

The devs cooked real good in March, and we rolled out some brand new features such as:

1. Pro Trade's 24-hour Leaderboard 🪜

Havvveeee you met Pro Trade’s 24-Hour Leaderboard? Now compete for the listed asset, and get on that leaderboard to earn $ZKX rewards.

2. Trading Fee now visible

You can now view the trading fee for the listed markets on OG + Pro Trade. Go check it out here.

3. L2 deposit & withdrawal went live on OG & Pro Trade

Now seamlessly deposit USDC from the Starknet wallets to enjoy cheaper deposit & withdrawal 🔥

Moreover, the Paymaster Smart Contracts are also live on L2, giving you the option to withdraw using zUSDC (our native USDC) or USDC (StarkWare) in a tap.

Interesting AMAs

If you follow us on X, you already know that March was a month of AMAs. If you missed out, we’ve got you covered:

1. AMA with ICN

We joined ICN’s Telegram for a text AMA, during which our co-founder, Eduard, shared our vision of providing products that add value to all types of traders. He explained our products and answered some questions about rewards, airdrops, and more.

Over 100 Indonesian frens tuned in & made the AMA a big hit! ICYMI, you can check out the notes here.

2. AMA with PukeCast

We have always believed in Asia's potential in crypto! So next up, we had an interesting X Spaces with PukeCast, an Asia-based web3 media platform, diving into all things ZKX.

3. AMA with WallstreetBets

OG + Pro Trade is not your next-door Perp DEX, and we talked all about it in our Telegram AMA with WallstreetBets. He talked about the Perp future, mainnet and token incentives, social trading, and global finance access.

But that’s not all, we also leaked some alpha on our roadmap & long-term vision 🔮

4. AMA with DigiTek

Discord, X, TG, we found one common question on every platform - Wen $ZKX ser? So we jumped on X Spaces with DigiTek to answer the questions, talked about the Airdrop, the Starknet ecosystem & much more.

5. AMA with Incrypted

Ever been to an AMA so engaging that keeps your eyes hooked to the screen? Well, that’s how our Telegram AMA with Incrypted went. A lot of questions were shot, a lot of brief answers were given.

6. ZKX Internal AMA

The last AMA of the month had to be the best one. Our co-founders, Eduard & Vitaly got together for a fireside chat on the CT tea, DeFi summer, Dencun hype & some spoilers for what’s coming ahead.

Dive into the AMA notes here.


This month we have not one but TWO shoutouts

The first one goes to @coinvestasi for this detailed article talking about the OG & Pro Trade numbers and features for our Indonesian frens.

Secondly, a huge props to @ReveloIntel for covering our AMA notes & keeping the community informed 🫡

Fun Feedback & Good vibes on our Discord 😎

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 2.29.33 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 2.32.11 PM.png

Meme of the Month 🥁

What’s Coming Up?

In April:

• Starknet DeFi Spring with $STRK rewards soon 😉 (working with the Starknet Foundation on this)

• Launch of zUSDC/ USDC (Starkgate) pool on Nostra

• Introduced a new market marker IMC, alongside Flowdesk to boost liquidity

• New wallet integrations through WalletConnect upgrade

In May:

• Launch of the Referral Program, enabling you to invite users to ZKX and earn USDC commissions effortlessly

• Trader Competitions, Collaborations with KOLs, Community Quests & Campaigns (Lot’s coming up in May)

Survey & Exclusive NFT Whitelist Spot

Your feedback matters! Fill out our survey to shape our future developments and get a chance to win an exclusive Yakuza Baron NFT whitelist spot here

And like we always say, you can’t get enough of ZKX. If you want to be the first one to know what’s new with ZKX, follow us on X or join our inner circle: Discord 😉

Until next time 🫡

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